Voice Lessons

Whether you are a parent looking for vocal training for your budding singer, or an experienced vocalist who desires to fine tune your performance, private vocal lessons allow director Theresa Smith to tailor instruction to your individual needs and goals. She endeavors to improve your voice, and make singing effortless and healthy. Working with you one-on-one, Theresa evaluates your vocal strengths and weaknesses, and then helps you choose repertoire that makes your voice shine. Based on her years of training and experience, she helps you improve your vocal technique, and corrects any bad habits you have formed. Music theory can also be incorporated into your instruction if you desire to further develop your ear training skills. Private voice lessons with Theresa offer the advantage of building confidence in a solo setting that one can use not only when performing, but also apply to everyday life.

Interested in voice lessons? Contact us through our contact page, or reach out directly to Theresa Smith at director@smithvocalarts.com