Show Choir

At Smith Vocal Arts, we have two show choirs to provide vocalists the opportunity to learn how to harmonize within a choral group, and perform on stage in front of an audience. Some numbers include easy-to-follow dance choreography to help students become more well-rounded performers. The choirs perform in the fall and spring in a formal recital, and they also perform at outreach events in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

The Treblemakers is our ensemble for 6th to 9th graders whose voices are unchanged. Most notably, they have performed in Trick or Treat flash mobs on Halloween night, as well as sung Christmas carols at local nursing homes, venues, and tree lightings. This choir provides an introduction into choral singing techniques, including blending, harmony, and proper breathing, through performance of fan favorite songs! Members also learn dances to accompany themselves as they perform, and incorporate different dance styles to compliment the various artists they showcase.

Riff Raff is our coed ensemble for males 8th to 12th grade whose voices have changed and females 10th to 12th grade. With a more challenging repertoire, singers will learn about all types of music, broadening their horizons with medleys such as “Swinging with the Gershwins,” and classical theatre. Just like their younger counterpart, singers learn choreography to complement their music, and perform for all types of local outreach, featuring Lansdale’s First Friday, Halloween flash mobs, and Christmas Caroling.